Why Test Management tool is important in 2021?

Why Test Management tool is important in 2021?

Test management tools allow you to fully track test activity and visualize its progress in one place. This allows the team to plan and create test cases, run them, log and assign errors, generate various types of reports, and notify all team members of the progress. Small mistakes in gathering important information about a project can be fatal. Some test management software can be very helpful in keeping track of all this data.

Great dashboards with stress-free test measurements and KPIs help anyone streamline their testing process. QACoverage is a great tool for many projects as it makes it easy to reuse and repeat test loops. This QA testing tool also offers seamless integrations with Jira, Selenium, GitLab, and Asana. Extensive capabilities include test case management, error management, test strategies, well-documented tests, extensive APIs, and built-in webhooks.

QACoverage test case management tools can be integrated with popular detectors such as Jira, Redmine, and Trello. This caused a problem without exiting the program and was posted immediately. The Slack integration is useful if you want to keep track of the beginning of testing. Integrate automated tests using the REST API and publish reports directly from your application. The webhook helps enable assemblies based on running system integration.

QACoverage allows teams to communicate and manage various tests, testers, schedules, and bugs. We have a secure and fully supported environment. Organize your tests with QA Scope using structured projects, sections, and suites. You can also import and export data from Excel spreadsheets. This is achieved through Jira’s unique question format, so you can use all Jira features, but you can also customize them in your project or with multiple features at the same time. 

You can visit the website to get free trial access. Our tools are for everyone. So used it for your projects.

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